About Us

British Hydraulics – 30 Years of Service

We know that your business success relies on your reputation for highest quality, competitive pricing, efficient processes and friendly, fast and satisfying customer service. ….We roll the same way.

Our many years in business – previously in Coquitlam, and now in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada – have taught us to take notice of what’s important to you, our client. We’ve taken that knowledge to provide the very best all-around, one-stop hydraulic repair service that works for you.

We know that saving time and money, while maximizing productivity, is important to you.

…We get that.

And, we’ve designed our services accordingly. Where’s the proof? Just ask those clients of ours that have been with us for 30 years!


Your Hydraulic Components Specialists

The members of our crew are hydraulics components specialists. Specialists, because we innovate and confidently deliver a ‘one-stop hydraulics repair’ experience.  And, that includes Hard Chrome Plating, Pump, Valve, Motor Service, as well as a full industrial machine shop.

Our new facilities at 60 Braid Street in New Westminster, BC is a 24,000 square foot building in a one-acre compound, which allows us to handle even the big jobs.

Our US truck is one of seven customer service vehicles in our fleet.


To ensure efficient service for our customers, we maintain a fleet of seven customer service vehicles. We’re there when you need us!

You will be impressed with the custom solutions we come up with for you… because we really listen to what you have to say.




Your Service Rep

Making your job easier is part of what we do, and that includes providing you with your own British Hydraulics Service Rep.

Burce  John  

Your Rep will call on you regularly, and will be available to you when you need him.


Front-End Managers

Of course, no successful business can do without skilled, knowledgeable, courteous and helpful front-end staff, and ours are the best.

Anytime you call the shop, or drop in, you will be greeted with professionalism and a genuine dedication to serving you promptly and efficiently.


On-Site Owner/Operators

Franco Balletta, owner of British Hydraulics since 1999.

Hi, I’m Franco Balletta, owner / operator of British Hydraulics since the year 1999.

I’ve been in the hydraulics industry for 35 years now. I started working with British Hydraulics in 1994 as a foreman, and I chose to become a shareholder in the company at that time, too.

Five years later, I bought the company! Which means, I’ve owned and operated British Hydraulics for the past 11 of the company’s 30 years.

I believe it’s important to be a ‘hands on’ owner/operator, so I am very involved in the day-to-day running of the business.

We insist on maintaining a connection with all our clients, to ensure they are getting what they need from our services. Your success is our success.


We Help You Meet Your Objectives

As for pricing and turnaround time, you’ll know what to expect, so you can plan your schedule and meet your targets with confidence.

Both your company and your clients expect good work from you. You can count on British Hydraulics to help with that. We’re part of your success team!


30 Years in Business Means You Can Trust Our Service

We are British Hydraulics Ltd, in New Westminster, BC, Canada. And, we do business the same way you do. Just like you, our success relies on our reputation for highest quality, competitive pricing, efficient processes and friendly, fast and satisfying customer service.

Our technical processes are based on industry best-practices, developed over 30 years of experience in identifying and delivering what our clients need, while staying on the leading edge of changes in industry technology.

As a client of ours, you’ll experience our outstanding value-added service, expertise, innovation, and respect for the people who helped put us at the top of our game… those people are our loyal clients.


Serving BC, Alberta, Washington State and the World

The bottom line is… we are your one-stop shop for complete hydraulic repair, whether you’re located in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington State or just about anyplace else on the planet. Whether you need a repair, or hard chroming, or pump and valve work, or custom machining… we have you covered!

Our American clients appreciate our hassle-free service. We have an in-house cross-border customs documents specialist, and NO customs broker fees.

We offer free pick-up and delivery for our clients who are in close proximity, and we will ship by whatever means necessary to serve our remote clients.


Call us a ‘Smart Asset’

We, at British Hydraulics, like to consider ourselves a ‘Smart Asset’ on your success team; because our objective is to help you do your job easier, better, faster!