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Hard Chrome Plating

If you insist on working with a company that has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and utilization of Industrial Hard Chrome for your cylinders, rollers, valves, etc, you need look no further than British Hydraulics Ltd.

We are the best in the industry. With some of the largest tanks in North America, we are able to plate flat and round surfaces of all shapes and sizes!

We will enhance the performance and extend the life of your valuable equipment. We use precision cylindrical grinding equipment for exact sizing and high quality finishing. With three large chrome tanks, we can easily accommodate large cylinders and parts.

You can feel assured of quality work from our team of specialists. They can fulfill any and all of your chrome plating needs, and meet or exceed your exacting standards. Whether you require a one-off or a production run, our facility can handle it all.

We pride ourselves on our attention to quality control procedures. With us, you can count on the highest quality hard chrome deposition. Independent qualified testing by QA registered chemists are carried out on all our tanks on a regular basis to ensure correct chemical compositions.

We're environmentally conscious, too! In a typically toxic industry, we run state-of-the-art containment and air scrubbing systems, and all four of our divisions are in complete compliance with environmental safety governmental regulations.

Cylinder Hard Chroming

Cylinder Hard Chroming