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hydraulic cylinder repair


Equipment can break down any time and any place. We offer field repair and 24-hour emergency service, when you need it.

hydraulic cylinder repair


Our Hydraulic Repair Division specializes in the design, re-modification, salvage, and re-manufacture of cylinder components to exact manufacturers' specifications.

We also protect your original investment and create longest lasting value because we can repair or reverse-engineer equipment that the Original Equipment Manufacturers no longer supply or support.

We feature non-destructive testing and work to metric (or imperial) standards.

You need the information to make informed choices about your cylinder repairs. Before any repair, our highly-skilled technicians strip down your equipment, evaluate the condition of each of the individual components, determine the probable cause of failure and decide which parts are in need of repair or replacement. Work moves ahead only after you have received our estimate and given your approval. If you decide not to repair your cylinder, we can even recommend a replacement.


Minimize downtime and maximize productivity!

You know that fluid contamination of a hydraulic system accelerates component wear and reduces efficiency.

British Hydraulics can have your exchange cylinders in stock and ready for installation. Your hydraulic components (all makes and models) are repaired and rebuilt and ready when you need them.